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Whole of House

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OK; so this year appears to have been extremely conducive to moss growing on tile roofs and in gutters. Unfortunately, most recommended treatments inv ...

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I’ve been sanding back the front step and got rid of a few layers of paint and want to fully prep it for a clear varnish. Any product tips for cleanin ...

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Hi. I would like to build a jigsaw puzzle "easle", that can hold puzzles for up to about 4000 pieces ( one example: 138x68 cm, 54,3x26,8 in). Differen ...

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Hi folks I noticed some rot the other day in the skirting board in our 'sun room', which is an enclosed area on a concrete slab at the back of our h ...

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Hello workshop community! I'm looking for any handy tips when it comes to painting skirting with enamel paint, particularly skirting thats in carpeted ...

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We have just laid new hoop pine flooring beside 100 year old hoop pine and I'd love to hear from the community your thoughts on how we should finish t ...

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Fibro, or compressed fibre cement sheeting, has been a versatile and widely used building material for nearly 100 years. Unfortunately, in those day ...

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Hi all, I have cracks directly beneath my ceiling cornices and would like to know how to fix them. The cornices themselves are fine and haven't move ...

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Hi All, I thought I would share this product as apart of the Grid Connect system I am running in my house, being new to the market and their first mod ...

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I picked up this three drawer cabinet from Facebook Marketplace and restored it. Before Materials used : 1. Bondall 500ml Waterbased Pa ...

Projects Editor Akanksha
Projects Editor

Using leftover timber off-cuts, decking boards, pallets or any other materials for another project is a terrific idea. Not only is it great from a sus ...

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I have just brought a home in a small country town in WA. The inside of the house ,needs cleaning , washing walls and cornice corners repaired. I Nev ...

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