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Whole of House

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Hi there, am in the process of removing an old kitchenette that's in the corner of our family room. The walls are double-brick; with the inside wall ...

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Red brick be gone! Our DIY budget street appeal boost.      

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Hello workshop community! I'm looking for any handy tips when it comes to painting skirting with enamel paint, particularly skirting thats in carpeted ...

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I have from previous owner , had placed down in lounge room rubber backed carpet squares ..they glued them down onto the wooden floor..some are easy t ...

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We have just laid new hoop pine flooring beside 100 year old hoop pine and I'd love to hear from the community your thoughts on how we should finish t ...

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Fibro, or compressed fibre cement sheeting, has been a versatile and widely used building material for nearly 100 years. Unfortunately, in those day ...

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We have spent over 18 months transforming the front facade, front yard, roof , fences all around and the general vibe of this once tired old 1950's we ...

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Firstly to clarify, "a dedicated home theatre" means that the room you will be using will only be used for watching movies and perhaps some TV.. A ...

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Hi we moved in to this house recently. with in 6 weeks we can see few cracks appearing on the wall , ceiling and cornice . it is double brick house , ...

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Hi All Not sure if anyone has any experience for this. I am renovating my bathroom and just took off older plaster board. It is the old type frame tim ...

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Hi folks, I see that the subject of flooring transition strips comes up semi-regularly here. I have just read through a lot of them. A preferred solut ...

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I knew the minute I paid to have our 40+ year old couch refurbished I would have to add something special around it! I spent months on the hunt for ...

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