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Whole of House

Help for projects that encompass the entire house
Retired Team Member Akanksha
Retired Team Member
9 replies

As the cost of living continues to rise, it's important to make every dollar count. It would be great to hear what Bunnings Workshop community membe ...

Just Starting Out
5 replies

      Hi there I’m looking to restore this old thonet highchair. I’ve watched heaps of videos on caning seats etc but I can’t for the life of me fi ...

Having an Impact
1 reply

Tell me you watch restoration shows without telling me you watch restoration shows. This mid century modern light shade was on my front patio which ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi all - I am trying to make a low picnic table on a budget. I have some old outdoor chairs that are falling apart, and I am hoping to re-purpose the ...

Getting Established
6 replies

Hi Everyone i have this vintage table I have painted in a chalk paint. Obviously I have waited overnight for the paint to set and then I pushed the dr ...

Home Improvement Guru
2 replies

I have wanted a snooker table for years and have always run up against the "space" for it to live in issue. Also the weight of a proper table and gett ...

Cultivating a Following
3 replies

Hi All, Looking for suggestions. We have a victorian style period home and we will be getting the front door replaced soon. We'd like to try and ...

Retired Team Member Akanksha
Retired Team Member
23 replies

As a new year begins, we look forward to continue assisting our members with improving their homes and gardens. One of the things I love most about ou ...

Building a Reputation
14 replies

We are restoring an old American oak table. It has been sanded back to bare wood. I would like to keep it a light colour - not the darker stain which ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

how do you collect grey water for use in toilet

Just Starting Out
5 replies

   I have this baby change table I would love to repair and give to a friend. Does Bunnings sell the cane sticks that make the base? I don't know w ...

Finding My Feet
7 replies

What colour stain should I buy to match the photo I've shared  

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