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Bathroom and Laundry

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Our second DIY project for a primary school teacher and an electrician. Learning along the way was great and thanks to the helpful team members from B ...

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 Hello everyone! New to the workshop and interested in everyone’s ideas for a budget laundry reno, as you can see the space is quite small. I am also ...

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how to fit and support benchtop above the washing machine and dryer with the tiled wall jutting out

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Hey Workshoppers, We have recently had a bath installed in a flat, and I've been trying to find out if this is a new thing. The bath Is ONLY SECURE ...

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About eleven months ago, we hired a shower repair company to seal the tile floor of our shower stall with epoxy grout. But now it is leaking again. W ...

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Hi Guys I'm looking for advice on how the drainage would most likely be installed/altered from existing to proposed layouts below. I'm hoping to get ...

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I need some advice on how to fix these holes? Wanting to fill the larger one with some sort of cement with a plaster over the top? I've read so many d ...

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replace shower, change tiles and ceiling as well

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What's the best drill bit to drill a 5mm hole into the 15mm-thick side of a vitreous china WC (toilet tank) or toilet tank cover. Once drilled, I'll i ...

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    hi, we just bought our house and are renovating the ensuite due to water damage. We need help with the design to make the best use of the ...

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