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Bathroom and Laundry

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  Hi, I accidentally broke the hook from the back of the bathroom door and tried unsuccessfully to reattach next to the original spot. How do I patch ...

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Hi, I'm moving from a great bathroom set up [open walk in shower & toilet behind vanity] to a more traditional type with enclosed glass shower. I was ...

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Hi all, currently renovating bathroom and toilet. Am painting the skirting, door frames and window trims white. Have sanded them down and then used Ta ...

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Hi, Could someone pls guide how to tight the door handle. Please find the pic below. Door handle is similar from both side of the door. I have othe ...

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  Is it possible to adjust or replace these hinges on my laundry door so it opens to 270 degrees instead of 180 degrees?

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You know those 7cm ×35cm mesh which serve as air vent and fly screen but couldnt prevent dust coming in ,bring in heat in summer and excessive chilled ...

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I am managing a couple of bathroom renovations and decided to save by doing the painting. I am up to the door which is currently painted with what app ...

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Hi all, Hope everyone is having a very productive DIY weekend. I need some help/suggestion on how to fix this rotten door moudling in the bathroom, ...

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Hi, Near my bathroom door, there is a mouldy & rotten timber part. Does anyone know a page/thread/post showing how to cut off a part of timber and re ...

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Updating a houses basic Laundry into something wonderful. From the moment we bought our house, one of the first things we said were “The Laundry ...

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Hi on the other day my Gainsborough 100 series G4 passage leverset stopped working and had to cut open the latch after someone got locked in. I have ...

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