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How do you store your plastic shopping bags in your car?

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How do you store your plastic shopping bags in your car?

How often do you get to the supermarket and wonder where your plastic shopping bags are?

In the boot, back in the kitchen, somewhere at home in a heap??

Here is an easy answer to always have them ready when you need them:

Buy a pencil case


It holds about folded 5 bags (more than you should need for a single shop).

It fits in your car door pocket or cup holder so it's always near you when you get out at the shops.

Take it into the shop and put it in one of your shopping bags after checkout.

When you put your shopping away, it will be there for you to put your bags back in.

Put it back in the car next time you go out. I keep mine next to my car keys when not in the car.

Shop, bag , replace, repeat.Good advertising opportunity??Good advertising opportunity??

It's a winner!!



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How do you store your plastic shopping bags in your car?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Matt88. It's great to have you join us, and many thanks for sharing your idea.

That's a nifty use of a pencil case for sure! I'll put my hand up and say I'm one of those shoppers that never remembers to take bags with me. However, I'm quite opposed to buying plastic bags, so you'll generally find me trying to carry the lot in my arms.


We look forward to hearing all about your projects and plans around the house and garden and would encourage you to let us know if you ever need assistance or have something to share.


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