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Recently I've been completing some renos on an 80's home getting it ready for sale. I've given the kitchen and bathroom a makeover, installed a new tr ...

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Hi there, I'm now thinking of my kitchen reno, having almost finished my tiny bathroom. (Will post pics of the bathroom as soon as it is painted.) I ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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Here's the 70s-era kitchen that we inherited when purchasing our house. What would you do with it? Jason

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We moved to our 40acre property just under two years ago. With all the things we need to do in the property, renos inside the house have taken a back ...

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Pull out options for small cabinets that are otherwise unusable gave me the idea to utilise the space next to my fridge in this way. Its real ...

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Hi everyone, just after some advice. I have a 10 yr old house that Im updating. The kitchen has a lime green glass splashback that was in fashion on ...

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Hi guys!The glass splashback in my kitchen was the wrong colour when installed and was going to be too big of a job to take of re plaster and wait for ...

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We have a "standard" project home with basic kitchen cabinetry. I've been cursing/grumbling about the lack of storage & more importantly, the dysfunct ...

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Does anyone have any nifty suggestions for dried herb storage for a fairly compact kitchen? I have a large array of herbs which would be great to find ...

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What does everyone think about putting a power point on the island bench? I can see it would be convenient, but it can spoil the look of the stone. Wh ...

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Looking for some ideas to renovate my Kitchen within a budget

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