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Help for kitchen renovation projects
Kind of a Big Deal
15 replies

Recently I've been completing some renos on an 80's home getting it ready for sale. I've given the kitchen and bathroom a makeover, installed a new tr ...

Growing in Experience
39 replies

Building a Reputation
44 replies

Hi there, I'm now thinking of my kitchen reno, having almost finished my tiny bathroom. (Will post pics of the bathroom as soon as it is painted.) I ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
24 replies

Here's the 70s-era kitchen that we inherited when purchasing our house. What would you do with it? Jason

Building a Reputation
49 replies

I am considering buying a benchtop dishwasher, but am not sure what is currently available so as to connect the hose to the kitchen tap. 5 years ag ...

Making a Splash
2 replies

I decided to use the 600mm and the 450mm Pine rounds that we have in our store to make a double layer revolving charcuterie board. I cut the 450mm do ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

When spray painting my kitchen cupboards, how much do i need to thin my paint to spray without clogging the spraygun? dswes

Having an Impact
43 replies

Pull out options for small cabinets that are otherwise unusable gave me the idea to utilise the space next to my fridge in this way. Its real ...

Finding My Feet
15 replies

Hi everyone, just after some advice. I have a 10 yr old house that Im updating. The kitchen has a lime green glass splashback that was in fashion on ...

Cultivating a Following
18 replies

We moved to our 40acre property just under two years ago. With all the things we need to do in the property, renos inside the house have taken a back ...

Growing in Experience
27 replies

  Hi community! Looking for advice on the Dulux Renovator Range to paint wood cabinet doors. Would love to know what the difference is between the w ...

Cultivating a Following
6 replies

Hello, I have a small corner edge chip recently on a newly added benchtop. I search over the internet and they are suggesting to go for clear epoxy ...

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