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Getting Established
11 replies

Hello, I've moved into a 1970s house and after having a walk around the back after some heavy rainfall, I noticed I have this downpipe and the blue p ...

Community Newcomer
2 replies

Hi. I have 2 black verna chair, but the legs have now got rust spots. It does look like the rust has eaten away some of the powder coating. can I use ...

Having an Impact
8 replies

I replaced the heavy concrete lid on my in-ground water tank with a metal plate. It is screwed down into wall plugs in holes drilled in the concre ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi there, I have a loose/hollow floor tile that can be lifted up just outside my front door. Any tips on how to repair this with minimal effort? Fro ...

Getting Established
1 reply

Looking for some advice on sealant. I have a gap between tiles as shown in the picture. It is outdoor area and is pool surrounding. The gap is 10mm so ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hi all, refer to photos, The downpipe is broken and leaking. how can I fix it?? i think the broken one should be replaced but i have no idea which kin ...

Finding My Feet
5 replies

I need to replace a broken coping tile on the edge of our fibreglass pool and wanted to check suggestions for the best adhesive that will bond to the ...

Just Starting Out
13 replies

Hi Bunnings Team, a question on this crack. I have a crack between the brick wall and a concrete patio area that then bends round beneath a bay win ...

Cultivating a Following
6 replies

  Hi all, I’ve had to pull up the brick driveway to fix some stormwater pipes and before I put everything back down was wondering if there is somethi ...

Finding My Feet
5 replies

Hi everyone I am purchasing a property with the rubber flashing on one or two of the windows has been damaged. I've been endlessly browsing but I ca ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi, I'm looking for advise on how to manage a drainage issue with a sloped driveway. This slopes towards the house from uphill and flattens out onto a ...

Finding My Feet
4 replies

Hi guys, I found there are some cracks in render wall. I do have reviewed serval posts and advises given by Mr.EricL and MR. MitchellMc, which is real ...

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