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Getting Established
11 replies

Hello, I've moved into a 1970s house and after having a walk around the back after some heavy rainfall, I noticed I have this downpipe and the blue p ...

Having an Impact
8 replies

I replaced the heavy concrete lid on my in-ground water tank with a metal plate. It is screwed down into wall plugs in holes drilled in the concre ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hi all, refer to photos, The downpipe is broken and leaking. how can I fix it?? i think the broken one should be replaced but i have no idea which kin ...

Finding My Feet
26 replies

Thanks for any assistance. We got a guy to dig a trench at the lower part of a small embankment, along the dirt driveway to the drain. He only had one ...

Finding My Feet
7 replies

Hi, Im planning on laying pebbles all through the side of my house. Just wanting to get some idea how drainage would work? Eg. do i need to make sure ...

Finding My Feet
9 replies

           Hi, we are first time renovators and have ourselves an old Franklin Regent Caravan. It’s only a cute little thing but due to spending ...

Finding My Feet
4 replies

Hi! We have a fresh water tank in the back of our campervan and bought it this way. Because it is laying flat, water comes back out while driving thr ...

Making a Splash
11 replies

Hi all, With so many parts of NSW on fire, what garden hoses does Bunnings have which are fire resistant or fire proof? I didn't have much success w ...

Growing in Experience
2 replies

    Hi all, I have two issues at hand regarding closing drains: 1) the sewage drain has no cover or cap or mesh. Is this normal? It’s been this way ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

Hi all, I would like your help. Could someone please advise what the best way to cover the drain hole as picture attached? I don’t want stones goes i ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

Hi All, I had some new carpet installed the other week and the installer found water has gotten into my property (see images). The cause looks to be ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

    I am looking to raise my stormwater drain by approx 400mm. However the existing grate is not one that lifts out but opens up. if I’m to buy a cu ...

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