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Garage and Shed

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Folder table 2ft 6 inches wide 5ft long 2ft 6 inches high to be used for paint pouring in a small workshop

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A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a little anvil for a very reasonable price off Facebook Marketplace. Now while I had no immediate need for an anvil ...

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Converted a vacant space in my metal shed into a temperature-controlled 1000 bottle wine cellar.

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I like seeing photos of people's handiwork in the Aussie mancaves Facebook page. Here's a good one I saw recently of an old shed turned into a backyar ...

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I started this project when I saw a post about US cycle carts. As I have twin grandsons I thought that I could build them the billy cart that I always ...

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Chladni plates refer to a vibrating plate onto which fine particles like tea, sand or salt are placed. The plate is then vibrated by a speaker directl ...

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Unsure what to put at the end of the pool we narrowed it down to two ideas, A pergola or a backyard English Pub. Surprisingly the pub won. We landscap ...

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tools routed flush , and hand print

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Hello! We are looking to out some trellis and vines on the side of our shed to grow something as we look onto it from our outdoor area. There is no ...

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On sale, expectations are not high but time will tell.

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Can anyone tell me how to install a colorbond roof on a cubby. The existing one is going rotten (the makers used untreated pine) although we painted ...

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Pic 2 inside through doorPic 3 Cube unit (rear) & doorPic 3a Cube Unit Wall and doorPic 3b Cube units & return wallPic 4 Timber upright & framingPi ...

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