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Garage and Shed

Help for garage and shed projects
Cultivating a Following
5 replies

Hi all, I am having immense trouble folding down this clothesline. Does anyone have any idea how it's done?

Just Starting Out
4 replies

Existing externally located steel fame is set in single brickwork and has corroded around the bottom hinges area.Size - to fit existing double doo ...

Building a Reputation
11 replies

Hello Everyone!, I have a steel garden shed, 6m X 3m. Today, the left opening door (when looking front on) was caught in strong wind and the door was ...

Getting Established
14 replies

I need a coating for my carport floor. It has previously been painted but the paint has lifted when hot tyres came to rest. Some of the paint is curre ...

Having an Impact
3 replies

Any hints on how to clean rusty tools?  

Making a Splash
3 replies

The garage door has been opening and closing without us using the controls. I've had to turn the power off to the unit because it keeps opening. Somet ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hi, I want to upgrade and fortify existing Garden shed floor. And also want seal the corners properly to keep bugs or skinks out. Please advise best D ...

Finding My Feet
3 replies

I have an area of the garage that allows a substantial amount of water in when it rains, or even when I directly hose the ground. The result is that t ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Granny Flat on Concrete stumps 10 years old Crack in Boards? Maybe some movement. Best product to use?

Just Starting Out
3 replies

 How do i stop water from coming into the wooden shed which is built in a concrete base? please help. I was thinking of adding an awning to redirect t ...

Getting Established
10 replies

We recently bought a 30 yr old house and the garage has timber battens on the roof. It's pretty old, looks worn out but not as much if it's time to re ...

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