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Garage and Shed

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Hi Bunnings community, I need some suggestions on some material I can use to protect my garage wall (it's the standard plasterboard painted in white t ...

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Hi everyone, happy new year to all, I made a workbench to organising my tools and clean-up my garage during last week (first week of holiday). I thou ...

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I had always loved these wine barrel tables and wanted to try and make my own. I was lucky to get a few wine barrels from a local winery and here are ...

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I have an electric double roller door which when going up and down creaks really loudly. I have spayed the tracks with silicon to try and cut down on ...

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Hi everyone, We followed an online advice to make a diy temporary ramp curb using these safety cushion matt from bunnings. Works better than expectati ...

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Can someone help whats would be the easiest way to dismantle a pallet I cant afford $90..00 for the tool that yes would work well, ideas are all over ...

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Hello! I am looking for advice about what materials would be best for my DIY aquarium lid. I have a rimless glass tank that didn't come with a lid and ...

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Hi gurus. I've been tasked with setting up a shed in the backyard. This is the shed we intend to install. ( ...

Community Manager Jason
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When interviewing Workshop users for our our member profiles, I really like to ask them about their favourite tools. @mikedoeslife says his multi-t ...

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What is the process of going through the Bunnings Drive Through Timber section? Do you just drive in, pick up what you need and drive through a checko ...

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Hi, The men's shed I attend is developing all the time. We started in what was an old council tractor shed and quickly tuned it into a good place to c ...

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