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Fun with lasers...

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Fun with lasers...

Christmas is coming and I have been making some Christmas presents with my Co2 laser.
This is a little jewellery box cut and engraved on 3ply from Bunnings


Engraved on a USB Drive with an anodised aluminium cover


I engraved some glass to make a Night Light Panel and put in a USB light base.

312729992_10227702595572341_5818862421324676418_n (1).jpg

I also engraved a photo of me and my wife and 3ply 

312409193_10227659728420689_4329888057324622946_n (1).jpg

I also engraved a cheep cheese board I picked up.


I is a fun hobby to get into and good for upgrading the value of items

mine is one of the cheapest K40 Co2 lasers but works good and I can always add 

things on to it to improve it.


I am just about to help a mate cut out the parts from balsa wood and 3ply

to make a RC plane.

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Re: Fun with lasers...

Hi @Super_D,


These are awesome Christmas gifts that I am sure your recipients are going to love. Your jewellery box is so intricate! Did it take long to engrave? 


I look forward to seeing your RC plane, your mate is very lucky to have you as a friend. 




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Re: Fun with lasers...

The Jewellery Box only took about 10mins to cut and engrave. Thanks Katie..

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Re: Fun with lasers...

Hi, What software do you use with your laser cutter?

Re: Fun with lasers...

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Jules2502. It's fantastic to have you join us, and many thanks for jumping into the discussion.

Let me mention @Super_D so they are alerted to your question. You might like to provide some details on the hardware you are using, as it might assist our members in recommending compatible software.


We look forward to hearing all about your project and plans around the home and garden. Please reach out anytime you need assistance or have something to share with the community.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Re: Fun with lasers...


I use Lightburn its not free its not that expenceive and I have a K40 laser and had to get a new board for the laser but it does such a good job and does so much. I have used MeerK40t I could not get it working and K40 Whisperer its ok.. I depends on what board your laser uses... I am happy to help with anything I can help with...

Re: Fun with lasers...

@Super_D Thanks for getting back to me. My husband and I are just starting out and we have the older version of the K40. Have been experimenting over the weekend and find we need to get air assist. Thanks for your offer to help if I need any advice.

Re: Fun with lasers...

Air assist does help keep the flames down and cuts nicer...

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