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Hi, I am looking for free pallets. I live in Sydney Inner West (Strathfield South). Thanks

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Hi, there are heaps of awesome workshop projects here, so I thought I would mention an awesome CAD computer program I use.The program is part of a fre ...

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So we have a door! Isn't she pretty!? This is the first of 4, barn style doors we are going to make for our shed and studio. This door h ...

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Dartboard cupboard built from a pallet sourced in Bunnings dock. Cut down to size and sanded glued and screwed together. Have my 11yr old son star ...

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I'm building a few things out of pallets including shelves, tables etc. and I was wondering about what the best way to finish them would be. I have a ...

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Needing to organise and store my powertools I undertook this little project. Built almost entirely from wood repurposed from crates and pallets it w ...

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Preparing the wood. Clamping to try and straighten it as much as possible.Adding extra weight to the clamps. Then off to south africa for a 6 week hol ...

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My niece's friend is getting married and she asked if I could do some log rounds for the reception tables.She supplied the Log Rounds but they were in ...

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