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This studio and shed is still a work in progress, but we have some big plans for these things! Designed by Sarah. Engineering signed off by a privat ...

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This week I got this great set of cabinets off Gumtree to help organise my workbench. Unfortunately a few times per year my garage floods with about a ...

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Many Bunnings stores offer a timber cutting service to help you get your wood home and get started on your project. Here are some frequently asked q ...

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I am in a townhouse and my body corporate bylaws allow me to lay down flooring in my roof space and use it for utility storage. An engineer has confir ...

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For many many years, I have been using plastic containers for small parts etc. After years of use these are now falling apart and spreading their cont ...

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I have two issue that needs to be answered. The background is that the deadlift platform will be located in the backyard placed on brick flooring whic ...

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I've recently purchased a build a shed which should be coming in by the end of the week as it's a special order, do I need a pop rivet gun or any othe ...

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Never build a workshop before would like to know how and what timber do I use

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Hi - I am looking for a simple shelving at my garage to declutter items which are just lying all over the place. I am very new in DIY and hence want t ...

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I have an Ozito CMS-1629 Circular saw and have used it a few times, but I got it out today and the blade is getting stuck in the wood. As I pull the t ...

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Hi! I've bought a bunch of Connect-it anodised aluminium square tubes to make a frame for my catio. I've had no issues drilling the holes needed to se ...

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Hello. I'm building a carport. I need to mount galvanised post supports (stirrups) on a brittle concrete slab. Normal procedure would be to use Dynabo ...

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I have just completed making and installing shelves and duct cover for a range hood cupboard for my nephews new place, I new he had no work benches to ...

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Hi All, I am looking for advice on modifying the doors on one of the EnduraShed kits. I'm in the process of updating our existing shed with a larger o ...

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I’m looking at lining a metal framed shed inside to make it a man cave. I plan to line the walls in plywood but want to build some timber frames to mo ...

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Hi everyone, We followed an online advice to make a diy temporary ramp curb using these safety cushion matt from bunnings. Works better than expectati ...

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Hi everyone, We are in the process of getting our steel shed built, and was advised by the tradies that we should be insulating the whole shed, inc ...

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Hi, I am thinking to build a weightlifting platform for my garage gym, something like this. As you can see the bottom layer is built by abo ...

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Will a Holman 32mm Press PVC Cap End fit onto a Holman 32mm Class 12 PVC Pressure Pipe, I was reading the reviews and one customer said that it was to ...

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I am looking for suitable timber to add as workshop bench top. The top will be screwed onto an existing cupboard. I require a piece of timber 2185 x 5 ...

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Hi, I am not building this workbench from scratch. I already have the workbench although it is very old, yet with good potential. I am looking to make ...

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Hi Guys... I have an old shed with a tin roof and I want to fix up some guttering. The tin roof overhangs quite a way and my plan was to fix up some s ...

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How do I access engineering drawings for Mimosa 4.27 x 3.69 x 3.23m Wooden Gazebo?I want to apply for a permit with the local council to build the abo ...

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I do a lot of my projects in my shed and carport but the weather has been a little awful at times on the coast so I decided to make some barn doors fo ...