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What Ryobi battery is compatible with my tool?

Ryobi has a wide range of cordless tools, and a flexible battery system. 


18V ONE+ Ryobi battery.png

To select the right equipment for your needs, it is important to distinguish between the Ryobi 18V ONE+ range and the 36V gardening range.


Here how to ensure you buy the right battery for your tool.


Battery Systems


Ryobi offers two primary battery systems: the 18V ONE+ range and the 36V range. The 18V ONE+ range is predominantly used for power tools, while the 36V range is tailored for gardening tools.


Due to their varying voltages and sizes, the 18V and 36V batteries are distinct and not interchangeable. The 36V battery is notably larger than its 18V counterpart.



36V Ryobi battery.png


All batteries labelled as 18V ONE+ are compatible with other 18V ONE+ tools, allowing for easy interchangeability of batteries within this system.


Similarly, the 36V tools and 36V batteries, which are exclusive to the gardening machines, can be interchanged among themselves.




If versatility is a priority and you wish to utilise the same battery across garden and workshop tools, you must select the appropriate system. For instance, if you intend to use your drill's 18V One+ battery in a gardening tool, opting for the 18V gardening tools instead of the 36V machines is advisable. This ensures uniformity within your battery system and facilitates seamless compatibility across all tools.


Benefits of the 18V ONE+ Range


The 18V ONE+ range encompasses a wide array of power tools, from drills and saws to sanders and impact drivers. What makes this range particularly appealing is its compatibility with the same batteries, making it significantly more cost-effective to expand your collection of tools. By investing in additional tools as "skins" without purchasing extra batteries each time, you can save money and ensure an efficient toolbox. - MitchellMc

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