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How do you avoid wasting paint?

When it comes to avoiding paint waste, buying only what you need for the job is key.


Calculate the amount required based on the surface area you'll be covering. Generally, one litre of paint will cover 8 square metres with two coats.


Remember, it's better to buy a little extra if you're unsure, but avoid overstocking to prevent unnecessary waste. - MitchellMc

When decanting paint into a tray, replace the original lid with a plastic pourer lid to help prevent drips.EasyPourLid.jpeg


I have these lids in different sizes and simply wash them out to reuse when the tin is empty. 


The handy, solvent-resistant lids stop paint gathering around the lip where it dries out and causes rust.


Simply recap to store and preserve the paint. - NatashaD

I flinch when I see projects big and small on the TV open new tins of paint and wipe the brushes on the lip of the tin.


Big tip from an old painter given to me - use strips of aluminium foil and work it around the lip of a new tin before wiping the brush and filling the lip. 


When you are finished, peel the strip off the tin and dispose of it. 


You will have a clean lip on the tin and ensure a perfect seal like new. - VivMartin

I always keep a clean paint brush and rag handy when pouring paint from the tin into a tray. 


Any excess paint along the top of the tin is soaked up straight away, and excess paint brushed off the sides of the outside of the tin. 


I'm a bit pedantic for being able to close paint tin lids properly when I'm finished. - Simon

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