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How do you remove stains from the garage floor?

GarageFloor.jpegI suggest using Chemtech 1L Concrete And Driveway Cleaner. It is biodegradable and non-toxic and does not affect plastic, rubber, glass, and most metals. Please note that this is a concentrate and must be diluted in water. Use a stiff bristle brush broom to remove dirt and debris while using Chemtech.


After brushing the garage, I recommend using a pressure washer to remove deep-seated dirt. This will wash out all the dirt and contaminants on your floor. If you decide to paint it, I suggest using White Knight Ultra Pave Garage Floor Primer and  White Knight 4L Medium Grey Ultra Pave Quick Dry Paint. for a quick refresh of the garage floor.


Here is a handy step-by-step guide: How to paint concrete floors. - EricL


We decided to hire someone professional who will use the pressure washer with degreaser. However, we enquired a few of these people about the pressure wash process and they all say even with pressure cleaners some stains will remain on the floor. - ivanptr


Some stains like paint and grease stains are very hard to remove. You will only be able to find out once you give it a very good clean. If after using the cleaning products there are still paint stains on the floor, you will have to use a steel scraper to remove them.


For heavy oil and grease stains, I suggest using CLR 750ml Oil And Grease Remover. With an older age of the floor, some stains will be difficult to remove. Once the floor is totally clean and dry, you can then see what is left and determine if you can paint over them.


With the majority of stains and marks removed and a pressure washer used, that would remove all loose dirt and debris. From there, I recommend either painting the floor or do an epoxy garage floor project. Either method will give you good results and a strong cover from future stains.


White Knight 4L Medium Grey Ultra Pave Heavy Duty Concrete And Paving Paint does not require a primer. You can paint this directly onto your garage floor. There is no need to use the White Knight Ultra Pave Garage Floor Primer.


The other garage paint options are the Dy-Mark 4L Water-Based Grey Epoxy Coat Garage Floor Kit and the Garage & Factory Floor Protector 10L Charcoal. But among the three the White Knight is the easiest to apply. - EricL


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hi any final images of how it looked after all the hard work... 

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