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What can substitute cable tie?

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What can substitute cable tie?

Hi everyone,


We followed an online advice to make a diy temporary ramp curb using these safety cushion matt from bunnings. Works better than expectation.


Sturdy enough and the holes won't hinder drainage on stormy days.


One headache though is we are having trouble finding suitable ties / rope to bind these pads together. 


Cable ties:


Were used but the effort was in vain. It snapped under substantial weight.


Any affordable / smart alternatives ?


 Thank you in advance.





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Re: What can substitute cable tie?

@ivanptr  have you thought of attaching the mats with silicon it should flex with mats or stainless steel cable ties you can get them at Bunnings. Although they might rip your mats. Haven't done it personally so just a suggestion JDE

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: What can substitute cable tie?

Hi @ivanptr,


It's good to see @JDE has already provided suggestions. I like the idea of using silicone or Sikaflex 11fc to hold the mats down. If this is council property, I'm not sure if they'd be too keen on it, though. You could try a thicker cable tie like the CRESCENT 450 x 7.6mm Black Cable Ties. They are substantially stronger than the 4.6mm variety.


Another option would be with Whites On-Site 110mm Black Rod Tie - 200 Pack. A tool such as the Whites On-Site Rod Tie Twister is used to tighten them. However, as @JDE has mentioned, they could cut through the mats, and his idea of using the Stahl 4.6 x 150mm Stainless Steel Cable Tie would likely be better.


Please let us know if you have any questions.




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Re: What can substitute cable tie?

with a bit of patience,try threading paracord thru them,it will be flexible and also hold the mats together and shouldn't present a problem to council

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