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Garage and Shed

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Hey folks. I have just had a read through some posts about filling in large holes / gaps in walls. I am not sure what applies to my specific problem ...

Bunnings Team Member MitchellMc
Bunnings Team Member
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Many Bunnings stores offer a timber cutting service to help you get your wood home and get started on your project. Here are some frequently asked q ...

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I have an attached garage that was full of junk and just used for storage so idecided to turn it into a cinema room but need to keep access to the ...

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An easy-to-build workbench with a massive amount of workspace, pegboard storage, top shelf storage and room underneath for items / storage. THE SCEN ...

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Moved into house last November with small side garage attached to house...needed a sewing room so painted and layed adhesive tiles (to concrete flo ...

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We renovated the shed into a sewing work studio with storage in the back. We put insulation in the walls and ceiling, put cladding on the walls, gy ...

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                                                                      Biggest challenge before was to not to s ...

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                                     From basic shed to karate studio 2 months solid work and lots of Bunnings flybys!!!

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I did this project entirely solo (minus light installation) to prove to myself that I could do it. The bench is the original bench and vice from what ...

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Hi, I recently moved into my new place, and apart from a lot of other things needing attention, I thought I would start off by making a workshop in ...

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Hi All, I've been thinking I'd like to change the flooring in my garage. It's currently concrete - old, grey and stained. The space I need covered i ...

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