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Garage and Shed

Help for garage and shed projects
Kind of a Big Deal
2 replies

This project is the result of the first experiment I did to see if the discs help regulate heat and heat loss. This is the first inference as I do h ...

Becoming a Leader
25 replies

Hi folks I am guessing this could be a question that has been asked before, BUT sorry I couldn't find one. Old~timers maybe. I would like to purc ...

Amassing an Audience
35 replies

I like seeing photos of people's handiwork in the Aussie mancaves Facebook page. Here's a good one I saw recently of an old shed turned into a backyar ...

Growing in Experience
4 replies

Hello! We are looking to out some trellis and vines on the side of our shed to grow something as we look onto it from our outdoor area. There is no ...

Becoming a Leader
4 replies

We have finally finished lining our studio (a steel framed shed) We settled on using OSB on the ceiling and walls in the main living area, and Gyprock ...

Finding My Feet
5 replies

Hi all, Just finished lining my SheShed with 7mm bracing ply (cheap&easy) but of course it does make me feel like I'm in a big packing crate . Don't ...

Kind of a Big Deal
1 reply

Had a play with the new toys. Banksia Cones went into a pressure pot with resin. ( photos later when finished ) The leftovers I tried some things ...

Building a Reputation
7 replies

I am hoping to get some tips on which jigsaw i should get. I am a novice and just started out doing little projects. While I was looking for a jigsaw ...

Getting Established
6 replies


Amassing an Audience
4 replies

Hello to all you DIY addicts This is my first time posting in discussion so bare with me, but happy to be apart of a page that respects every ones ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

How do you recommend I make this bike stand? I'm not sure what wood is best (probably need something dense enough that would withstand lateral pressur ...

Building a Reputation
6 replies

Hi expert team I need to repair my garage ceiling , could you Please tell me what materials and steps to fix the ceiling this is the damage and please ...

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