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Garage and Shed

Help for garage and shed projects
Becoming a Leader
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Community Manager's note: Love this project? We have step-by-step instructions for building your own here - How to build a drill charging station

Making a Splash
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Having an Impact
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Amassing an Audience
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We recently had our council hard rubbish clean up so figured it was a good time to organise the storage under our stairs. Our biggest problem was a ...

Making a Splash
17 replies

Making a Splash
21 replies

So after what has been close to a year of planning I have finally completed my garage floor. It took a lot longer to get this project off the grou ...

Having an Impact
29 replies

Love our garage make over to increase storage space & most importantly create a functional space for everyone!                

Amassing an Audience
42 replies

Hi everyone - as my love and interest in DIY continues to grow I found I needed an adequate area to accommodate this. I needed decent storage and a po ...

Having an Impact
33 replies

Needing to organise and store my powertools I undertook this little project. Built almost entirely from wood repurposed from crates and pallets it w ...

Having an Impact
11 replies

Having an Impact
20 replies

Hey hey. After the shed was finished I needed a work bench. After a lot of searching on the net I found the basic design I was after and went from ...

Having an Impact
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Here is a build that I did in my garage. It is made mainly out of 18mm MDF. I have attached a before and after photo. The vertical draws are to hold 1 ...

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