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Fencing and Screening

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I would like to attach shade cloth to an iron gate to increase privacy. The gate's bars are about 1.5 cm in width, which precludes the use of butterfl ...

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I decided it was time to extend my alfresco and build a Pergola. I did a lot of research for this one and found the most efficient way to do it, was t ...

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Does Bunnings sell the sides for the 3x6m Gazebos?

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I wanted to create a feature wall in my alfresco area. I decided to use 2 x louvre doors which a friend was throwing away. I painted the doors and pla ...

Junior Contributor
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 I just bought a few of these but I would love to know if anyone can give me advice of which screws to use to attach them to a steel fence? Would I u ...

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can anyone advise the most appropriate backing board , must withstand the element and be suitable for stone wall cladding to be applied to. approx are ...

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We dont know how to place a blind up on this side, there is no timber to nail it on. We have nailed a blind on the other side on the timber circled at ...

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Can you paint the matrix fence extensions to Match the colour of your colorbond fence?

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Can anyone Please give Me some advice.? I'm wanting to put my indoor plants (Philodrendron-Pothos-Monstera-Syngoniums) outside for the Summer months. ...

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I have bought the pillar aluminium fly screen frames to build fly screens between a fence and a patio roof.It is 8m long and 45mm wide but not sure ho ...

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Hi Could you please let me know what waterproof material I can use to seal the gap between my fence and the awning so no rain gets under my awning. I ...

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Easy little project at my brother-in-law's place a couple of weeks ago. Took about 5 hours and cost less than $100. Really makes a difference. Th ...

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 This long 10-metre corridor is beige overload! It’s perfect for a spot of backyard cricket after Christmas lunch but I’d love to be able to use it al ...

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