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Pools and Spas

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g'day guys, new here and after a bit of advice. I'm in the process of planning a small deck build between a pool I've just had installed and my back d ...

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Hi gang Looking for some feedback from people who have installed a pool in a narrow space. We have 4.3 meters between the fence and the house (approx ...

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19 replies

Hi everyone, Hope everyone is keeping well. Any one else felt summer was short lived? My husband really wanted a swimming pool, an in- ground pool ...

Budding Browser
18 replies

Hi I am looking for instructions to make a wooden pool pump cover. Can you help?

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
33 replies

Our house was built in the 50s and we’ve renovated inside, but now it’s time to tackle the backyard... We’ve decided that the double car garage, whi ...

New Contributor
3 replies

Is this product still available in Queensland? Can it be used on Pool edges to fill cracks ( not submerged)

Budding Contributor
1 reply

Hi, I have installed a trench drain along the front of my pool. The pool front will have tiles on it as per the white tiled example. The trench drain ...

New Contributor
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Hi All Would love your thoughts and ideas with replacing the existing Thatching with something more modern, planning to repaint the Hut and tidy it u ...

Junior Contributor
13 replies

Hi, We have a pool leak and would like advice on how to repair it? I have turned off the pump and did the water bucket test. It is certain that the ...

New Contributor
7 replies

Hello, We want to put a spa in here, behind our shed (ignore the crazy steel). I have dug down 300mm and hit water (nieghbours on both sides have ...

Junior Contributor
1 reply

I am looking to buy this submersible pump online but couldn't find if hose is included. If Not do you know which hose would be compatible https://ww ...

1 reply

We need to cover this crack and we are not sure how  to go about it

Trusted Contributor
30 replies

Unsurprisingly, I'm not a fan of colourbond fencing, and particularly not the cream colour the estate decided to go with.Again unsurprisingly, given m ...

New Contributor
3 replies

Hi, I am new to this workshop site but have been a long time home and garden creator. I want to build a low lying patio decking floor over stamped c ...

Junior Contributor
5 replies

Hi All.. We have Travertine Outdoor tiles and right next to them when the pool was installed travertine tiles were placed around the pool and up aga ...

New Contributor
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For my wife's Bday, I decided to get the back area around the pool finished. It's only been 3 years. First time building a Deck, I think this one tur ...

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