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Hey All. So I've recently purchased a property and want to sand and stain the wooden floors before moving in. I've stained and used a drum sander & ed ...

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Hello, We have a dark water stain in our wood floor from indoor plant pot. I have tried to clean it wit a little bit of bleach still no luck. Much app ...

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  Hi i have very light scratches on my polyurethane floorboards. someone suggested butter. I don’t know the technical name. also do crayons work. tha ...

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 My bathroom floor is a mix of concrete and old screed. Ideally I would screed over the top of it, but then the tiles will be too high. What’s the bes ...

Just Starting Out
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Hi All, I have recently purchased a 1920s bungalow which has had several renovations throughout the years and going room by room . In the first bed ...

Cultivating a Following
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Hi all,I am currently selling my house and have made the snap decision to replace my carpet with some kind of hardfloor with something that looks like ...

Growing in Experience
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Hey all, I am hoping to retrofit our townhouse with underfloor insulation as a summer project, and had a couple of questions after having a look und ...

Finding My Feet
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Hi Community  I'm planning to fix the second storey subfloor in my house as it squeaks and make noises when walking on it  To share some context, ...

Finding My Feet
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Would it be possible to install vinyl flooring on an internal brick wall?

Just Starting Out
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Hi, I'm just wondering how to go about repainting a brick floor that was previously painted white but has worn in some areas. Would I need to sand flo ...

Just Starting Out
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leveled a concrete floor with ardit featherfinish. Should I seal it with diluted Bondcrete before laying/glueing vinyl tiles. Thanks

Cultivating a Following
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Any ideas how to fix this ? We had our floors changed professionally less than 6 months ago and now this happens.     Thank you Henna  

Just Starting Out
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we have been unable to rid room of dog urine smell despite carpet cleaning. we have pulled up ruined carpet and underlay but still can smell it! what ...

Kind of a Big Deal
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               Good afternoon Workshop friends. We have cleared the shed. I want to paint the walls and epoxy the floor. What I need advice ...

Just Starting Out
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I'm converting an old shed and want to insulate under a new (level) concrete floor that will be poured on top of an existing concrete slab. What is th ...

Just Starting Out
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I'm thinking of managing a bathroom Reno for my elderly mum's new property but am a complete newbie to renos. How difficult is it to do? The main iss ...

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