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Hi,Yep really newbie!I'd like to build a corner seat with pallets. I'm thinking of using 3 pallets but then what do I use to fix them together? Screw ...

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Hello, About to set about laying down some turf after a new home build, and thought I'd ask for some opinions. It's a clay soil, so I plan on spraying ...

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  Hi, I recently built a house and have leftover topsoil which I plan to use some of it to build a retaining wall/garden bed and also backfill the yar ...

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Hello! I'm building a round, free standing, low profile deck and was hoping to please have someone with a bit more experience double check the specs, ...

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What is the proper way to install these blocks? Some neighbours say to place on the ground and some say to put on a concrete bedding. The wall is go ...

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  It was time to say goodbye to our kids sand pit & cubby house and hello BBQ summer days and winter firer pit nights. we have used merbau screens f ...

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Hello, sorry if I am posting duplicated subjects. Had a look but didn't find answers directly relevant to my project, so I hope you don't mind posting ...

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Hey all, I'm busy planning my deck and pergola. This is what I'm thinking at the moment. I thought the 3 layer deck would be nice (total deck length ...

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Hi, everyone! We are moving into our house and our tenant have made a mess of our garden. We have both a septic tank lid and storm water drain in our ...

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