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How to buy a new toilet seat

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How to buy a new toilet seat

Seat.pngG'day everyone!


We are going to possibly discuss the most sensitives of sensitives. Controversial? You bet! Life changing? Some say yes! Has it held marriages together? Well....I leave that up to you.


So it’s time to replace the toilet seat. How hard can it be? By my last count of the seat display at Bunnings toilet seat isle there were over twenty five types of seats with various sizes and fittings. Going in to the store and telling the service team that your seat is standard might prove to be a bit difficult to narrow down.


Believe it or not I often tell customers to bring their seat in. Take it off the toilet bring it to the garden and give it a once over with the garden hose. Wipe to dry and put it in a bag and your half way there. Simply match your old seat to the new seat sizes and compare mounting kits. Once the service team has this sorted out all you need is to install your new seat.


However should it prove to be difficult to bring your seat in I suggest the following.


1. Using a tape measure, measure the widest point of the seat from left to right. Let’s type that in to our phone as width.


2. Next we measure from front to back. Place the tip of the tape measure on top of the hinge of the seat. Where the toilet seat cover meats the actual seat. Do not measure from the mounting point hinge of the toilet seat. Let’s type that in as length.


3. What about the hinges? Most generic seats have adjustable hinges that go from 70mm all the way to 180mm. But all information you bring with will definitely help. So measure from the outside of the hinge left to right. We will type this in as hinge width.


4. Last but not the least, take at least 2 photos of your seat. One closed and one open, make sure that it encompasses the whole seat and that you are not too close that we only get half a picture.


Remember even if we get it all right sometimes it does not work and we may have to order you a special order seat. Remember that as long as you don’t break the hygienic seal of the seat you can still return it to the store for an exchange.


I hope this has cleared up some of the rumors and misconceptions of how to replace your toilet seat. No it does not involve an engineering degree or witch craft. Having the correct information with you will help you make the correct choice first time all the time. Good luck and stay safe!



I am a Bunnings team member. Any opinions or recommendations shared here are my own and do not necessarily represent those of Bunnings. Visit the Bunnings website for assistance from the customer service team.

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Community Manager

Re: How to buy a new toilet seat

Helpful advice. Many thanks for sharing @redracer01. I'm sure this will assist many Bunnings Workshop members when they need to get a new seat for the throne. 


Thanks again,



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