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Can you repaint bathroom taps?

PaintedTap.jpegPainting taps is a traditional DIY solution to removing and replacing. If the taps are still in good condition and still functional then painting them is a viable option. But before jumping in I suggest a thorough and well thought out game plan.


Test one of the taps first. If you find that after sanding, cleaning, etching and painting you are satisfied with the end result then you can then plan the rest of the tapware and fittings in the house in an orderly manner.


Most gold taps and fittings are electroplated and therefore have a much more robust finish that can withstand a great deal of abuse. Even painted taps have an electrostatic paint applied to them to give it a much longer service life. So don't be surprised if the taps you painted chip every now and then. Just be prepared with your touch up can. - redracer01


I agree that it would be worth doing a test run to see if the option is viable. You could save yourself a considerable amount of money. However, there will be a certain amount of fiddly work and hand sanding involved in this project. I'd also suggest at least investigating the cost to replace the fittings for newly updated models. The benefit of purchasing new items is that it offers a whole heap of current designs choices which could better suit your styling needs.


Epoxy enamel topcoats are a tough coating. It would be correct to wait seven days for them to achieve maximum hardness. There is no clear coat that would provide additional protection or be harder than the epoxy enamel paint itself. You might like to do a couple of additional coats after achieving coverage to provide further abrasion resistance. - MitchellMc


I spray painted the tap and mixer in my bathroom and was pretty impressed with how it turned out. After looking at prices to buy a brand new one, I thought I would try out the Dulux 300g Metalshield Epoxy Enamel Spray Paint Satin Black first since it would save me a lot of money and it would be such a quick D.I.Y. project. - lifestylebymari


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