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Back in the shop

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Back in the shop

After what seems like a long hiatus I finally got back into the shop this week. I've had a busy couple of months and so working in the shop kind of took 5th place, to be honest. Between work, family, and other stuff the little shop kind of got forgotten.
I did make up for it though. I had set myself a week to get my workbench dropped, my cabinet hung, and sort my wood racks out. The first two I did in two days but then I decided that I needed to put my workbench on wheels. This has made things in my workshop so much easier. I decided not to build a wood storage rack because the shelving unit I was using works pretty well. That said though I did have an extra bin available after we moved the garden shed to the firewood shed. We made this move to allow for the new council supplied wheelie bins. The surplus bin allows me to stack my 4x2s.
I did come up with an extra project that didn't take too much time but will save my vac system. I killed a Shop Vac branded vacuum a couple of years ago when I ran it without the filter. I thought the filter was annoying because it kept clogging up so I stopped using it. It turns out the fine dust isn't a good thing. Who knew? 🤔 I had been using it as a trash can. After watching a couple of YouTube videos I figured it might be a simple conversion to a cyclonic system. It turns out I was right. It works a treat too so I've included a video of what I did. Problem is now I can't use my Ozito vacuum attachments so dust collection is going to need some thinking.
All in all my return to the workshop has been super productive and a lot of fun.


Had to pad the wall due to a 10mm ridgeHad to pad the wall due to a 10mm ridge


Cabinet hung nicelyCabinet hung nicely


Level and ready to fillLevel and ready to fill


Wood rack remains as isWood rack remains as is


Slowly tidying everything up againSlowly tidying everything up again


Goodbye old temp workbenchGoodbye old temp workbench


Things slowly moving into placeThings slowly moving into place


Reclaimed rubbish bin makes great storage for 4x2sReclaimed rubbish bin makes great storage for 4x2s


Pretty clean nowPretty clean now


249kg capable castors will make working a lot easier.249kg capable castors will make working a lot easier.


Looking goodLooking good


Not quite 250kg but not light eitherNot quite 250kg but not light either


It standsIt stands


Did the same to an old cupboardDid the same to an old cupboard


More mobile work space.More mobile work space.


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Re: Back in the shop

Many thanks for the update @woodenwookie. Great to see you back on the site and back in the workshop. Looking forward to seeing what you can create next. What's the plan?




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Re: Back in the shop

I've got a couple of plans in the works. I've got a baby gym that I'm currently working on. I just need to clean up the templates then cut. That needs to be done before the weekend because my wife's brother is coming and it's for his child. I'll include pics once done.


My wife also wants to go cheap in replacing a door handle here at the rental we're in. I have an idea for this so once I've got that made I'll share.


I haven't really got any big plans but I want to get more practice in for making toys. It's what I got into woodworking for so giving that a serious crack is high on my priority.


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