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corner pantry edge chipping


corner pantry edge chipping

I have a corner pantry that has  the  side panel edge face without the plastic edge that is normally glued to edges of flat pack doors.. probably because that particular side  panel of the pantry has the front door that actually closes onto it. so I guess that side panel is classed as inside cupboard door... but slowly because that corner is still exposed the edge is slightly chipping away.. It's about a 45degree angle .. I was thinking of using some liquid nails  galvanized and steel angle but i can only find it in l-shape at 90degrees... Can you get it in other angles? Or can you use a vice to bend the angle in? Has any one else got an idea of trim I can use for the corner of this cupboard

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Re: corner pantry edge chipping

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Could we please trouble you for a photo? It would help community members a great deal to provide specific advice if they could see what you are working with.  


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