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70's Reno

Making a Splash

70's Reno

70's Bungalow we bought a couple of year ago had some dangerous steps as well as a sagging roof line at the front, ripped out the tree that was planted 20cm from the footings, the roots had traveled 6 meters under the driveway and destroyed that and the footings for the roof above the porch had cracked.

Relocated the dangerous steps to the front so it flows better and paved the lot.

the jarrah posts were covered in 40 years of paint .

More to come BeforeBeforeAfterAfterBalistradeBalistradeCracked footingCracked footingIMG_20181118_090422.jpgIMG_20181125_152837.jpgIMG_20181209_162821.jpgIMG_20181209_162838.jpgIMG_20190101_104620.jpgIMG_20190101_104635.jpg 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: 70's Reno

Looks like a fantastic project. The restoration on the Jarrah posts was well worth the paint removal process.


Thanks for sharing @wooshka. We're looking forward to seeing what you plan next.




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Re: 70's Reno

Looking good @wooshka.

What are those pavers that you have used? I haven't seen them before and I like the look of them.

Re: 70's Reno

Hi @Aussie-Garden , They are Midland Brick Colonnade Alpine Ash, weigh 20kg each but they are worth the effort

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