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New decking

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New decking

Just thinking of doing a decking at the back joining the alfresco. 

also doing a 3 step decking at the front of the house.


can i DIY?? Its my first time. 



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Re: New decking

Hi @ribeksta,


You've come to the right place. I'm sure Workshop members will be more than happy to help build your confidence for this project and give you plenty of guidance along the way.


Have you seen our Top 10 most popular decking projects? It includes the amazing outdoor entertaining area that @dantheman  created and the fantastic deck that Workshop member @Tara86 built from scratch despite both having no previous experience. 


We are looking forward to seeing how this project progresses. Feel free to post on Workshop anytime you need a hand or have something to share. We have clever and creative members sharing fantastic projects and super-helpful advice every day. It's great to have you join us.




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Re: New decking

Decking isn't easy but it's certainly within reach for a first-time DIYer @ribeksta. It really comes down to planning and having the right tools.


As a minimum, you're going to need;

  • Spade/shovel to dig holes for stumps
  • Wheelbarrow to cart away dirt
  • Rubber (dead blow) mallet
  • Claw hammer
  • Drop/mitre saw and mitre saw gauge (if you have some non-90-degree angles)
  • Circular saw
  • Drills - hammer drill if you're mounting a joist/bear to house, drill driver, impact driver (not mandatory but certainly helpful)
  • 10g countersinking drill bit
  • Planer - not always but sometimes depending on the straightness of your timber
  • Clamps
  • A framing nailer will make the construction of the frame easier but it's not mandatory (and these are expensive if you'll only use it once)

Some photos of the actual space would be great and include the direction you'd like to lay your decking.

Do you want to do timber or composite decking?

Where are you located?

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