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Building a wheelchair friendly house


Building a wheelchair friendly house

My biggest challenge was to single handedly build a house with wheelchair friendly aspects as much as could be achieved within my budget.     The budget being an initial $50,000 plus the income being added to the budget over the 10+ years of construction.     To make the building possible I was limited to ZERO for outside workers - This meant that from the ground up every nail, screw and piece of wood and gyprock had to be installed by myself.    Starting with the 23 cubic metres of foundation concrete being spread and levelled by myself.    Pipe columns were all welded by myself.     Besser blocks and bricks laid by myself.    Basically every nail, screw, bolt and piece of timber were self done.     Particular needs to be wheelchair friendliness included all very large rooms, hallways in which a wheelchair can do U-turns.     Specially lowered kitchen benches and stove tops etc.     And even with as many considerations that can be achieved etc. changing times will forever require more changes - Like the present conversion of the bath to one with a side opening door and hoist access.     Images will be added with time.

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Re: Building a wheelchair friendly house

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @LAWAJUE. It's amazing to have you join us and many thanks for sharing your project.


I trust our members will be eager to see your handiwork as it sounds like an incredible singlehanded undertaking. Did you have any specific skills or trade knowledge prior to commencing your build? Were there times when you struggled to construct certain items and if so who did you turn to for assistance? Would you encourage others to consider building their own home?


We look forward to hearing more about your build and the projects you are currently working on. Please let us know if you ever need any assistance or would like to share something with the community.




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