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Help with replacing my front door

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Help with replacing my front door

I am looking to replace a metal door with a wooden door on my granny flat entrance. My current door measures 1850mm length and 850mm wide. I’m looking at buying the Corinthian urban primed entrance door for $256. The measurements on the new door (like most of the doors) are 2040mm x 820mm. I am not worried about the width I can fix that but the length is what I am not sure about. I would need to cut 190mm off. As the new door has a pattern I would need to cut app 95mm from both the top and bottom of the door. Is this do-able?? Please let me know if my plans are the best way to do it? Thank you in advanced

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Help with replacing my front door

Hello @crazycrisi


Thank you for sharing your question about your front door.


Cutting down and modifying an existing door is quite involved. I suggest ordering the door to the size you actually need instead. The door will then still be covered by its warranty and you will not have to make any major modifications to make it fit.


I suggest sending an email to your store's Special Orders Desk and ask for a quote on the door size you want. I suggest a Hume exterior door in this model Hume Doors & Timber 2040 x 820 x 40mm Duracote Vaucluse Entrance Door. It is very similar to the door you mentioned from the Corinthian set.


If you need more information please let us know.




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