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Making the most of precious space

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Community Manager

Making the most of precious space


Workshop community update #22


Hi all,


I hope you’re enjoying Workshop and finding a lot of information, advice and inspiration from other community members. Remember that this is your workshop, so please let me know how we can make the site even more useful to you.


I’m also always keen to see your real-life workshop at home. Space is precious in most houses these days, so many of us don’t have much room that we can devote to a workshop. Maximising storage space and keeping our garage or workshop tidy and organised seems to be a very popular topic.


New member @Carlos kicked off an interesting discussion this week about turning his garage into a workshop for D.I.Y. projects, and there was some great suggestions from community members. I encourage you to also add to the conversation.


Some of the other popular posts from the past seven days included:








Many thanks to Workshop members who have also shared Gallery photos in recent weeks. Feel free to share images of projects that you admire or inspire you, as well as showing off your own creations.


Make sure you check out @Rob5125's shoe rack, @RabbitHill's television cabinet and @JP_Finlay's handmade Jarrah table. Community members also acknowledged the handiwork of @Mick0s in making a dress-up rack for his kids and salivated at how good @JP_Finlay's charcoal BBQ looked!


Thanks again to all contributors to Workshop over the past week. We really appreciate you sharing your projects, experiences and knowledge. Our top contributors over the past seven days were @Andy_Mann, @JP_Finlay, @Wayne, @Dale and @darylhewston. Thanks for your fantastic contribution to the Workshop community.



Community Manager

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