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What happens to used Gift Cards?

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What happens to used Gift Cards?

Guys, I was just in Bunnings the other day splurging on some stuff, using a few of my gift cards along with my Power Pass and I got to wondering later on whilst overlooking the ocean, mulling over the meaning of life: "What happens to all those plastic Bunnings gift cards that get handed over at the cash register?"

Now me being a bit of a greenie, I'm wondering if they recycle these things, like chop them up and use them in other products or perhaps eliminate the barcode and put a new one on somehow and recycle them that way, thereby saving Bunnings heaps of cash – and the environment.

Maybe one of you out there has asked this question of a Bunnings staff member, or you are a Bunnings staff member who knows the answer. Anyway, if you do know, can you perhaps answer my question and put me out of my misery?

It would be good to know that Bunnings recycles these things as they must sell a squillion of them each year and I just hope they are being environmentally conscious of how these things are disposed of.

An idea I had was that, similar to my golf club, where each year when you renew your membership, they load your membership card up with a token amount (say $50). I reckon Bunnings could do the same with a Power Pass when you go to the cash register or perhaps do it online...

That way, no cards floating around, only the Power Pass loaded with an amount to your liking. Your family could contribute to it by sending you a payment to your Power Pass account, very similar to PayPal.

Whaddya reckon people?

BTW, if Bunnings take up this idea, I want a cut of the action! You heard it here first folks!

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Re: What happens to used Gift Cards?

Hi Henno.

As a bunnings team member I can let you know we just about recycle everything and its been high on our business plan for many years.

All gift cards are sent away where they are either melted down to make other items.. similar to the recycling of drink bottles.  I hope this helps..


Customer Service
Customer Service

Re: What happens to used Gift Cards?



Thanks for your idea regarding our used gift cards. All of our used gift cards are sent to our Central Returns Centre, which are then taken offsite to be granulated and repurposed into new products. Thanks again for your interest. 

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