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Front landscaping with low-level deck and paving

Making a Splash
Making a Splash

This stunning front-yard transformation involves a curving stone retaining wall and crazy paving complemented by thoughtful garden planting.





The project


When we bought our house we knew that we wanted to redo the front landscaping. I ripped out the sinking retaining wall, hired a Kanga mini-loader and excavated the whole yard.


I extended the front deck, concreted footings for my new retaining wall, installed drainage and crazy paving, built a new stone retaining wall with some neat curves and began planting away.


I did need to get a friend in to install the large boulders with his excavator. No chance of me lifting those!




The Kanga doesn't need a licence. In an hour you'll become an expert, and it's incredibly fun and satisfying.




The stones I used for the retaining wall are Adbri Natural Impressions. They are easy to work with as long as the concrete footings are level and solid.


If you're creating curves like I did, you can just chip away the lip underneath the block with a hammer and chisel to allow for the curving. I used Liquid Nails Landscape as extra reinforcing on all the curves and the capping.




I did the crazy paving myself. It wasn't too much trouble keeping the mortar off the face of the slate. When I laid the pavers I tried to keep everything as clean as possible and kept a sponge and bucket of clean water handy at all times.


When I applied grout, I used a dry mix and swept it in, followed by a mist spray of the hose every few minutes. The whole time I tried to keep everything as clean as possible to limit clean-up afterwards. I then used an acid to remove any excess grout on the pavers.



I had previously done the same paving in the backyard – but about 50 square metres. I relied heavily on the acid doing its job but it also removed a bit of the grout itself. I found that the deeper and cleaner the lines for the grout were, the easier it was to apply and the less likely it was for the grout to break away in time.




The deck got an extension.




And I installed a sprinkler and drip system for the whole yard.




It has created a nice haven for us that we enjoy every day. 




Before and after





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Low level deck.jpg


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Love this project. So inspiring! Congratulations on getting your work featured @Jimi. Looking forward to seeing what you tackle next.


Thanks for sharing. 




Growing in Experience

Great job!


What plants did you select, particularly the ground cover overhanging?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi Vand,


Let me mention @Jimi, so they are alerted to your question. I trust our other members will be interested in hearing what plants were used in this astounding transformation.


Are you planning a landscaping project of your own? Remember to check out How to plan a garden makeover, How to give your garden a makeover and How to choose plants for your garden


Please reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.




Growing in Experience

Wow @Jimi - that paving is next level, love it!

Making a Splash

Hi @Vand,


I actually cannot remember the plant names, sorry!

I know I have a Japanese Maple in the corner, a Mulburry as the feature near the letter box, some mini cogs along the front but i cant remember the ones overhanging the wall. Hydrangea's and box hedges against the house.


Thanks for your comment @birdie .



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