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Top 10 most popular garden makeovers

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A garden can be a relaxing oasis and a wonderful place to enjoy time with friends and family.


But if your backyard or front garden has been neglected for a while, it can be a little overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. It's also often not easy knowing what to do with narrow side access areas next to the house. 


Fortunately, our clever and creative Bunnings Workshop community can provide plenty of advice and inspiration when it comes to garden makeovers.


Here are the top 10 most popular garden projects on Workshop by pageviews:


1. Backyard transformation with deck by @LePallet 


Rylie's comprehensive backyard makeover included landscaping, decking, raised garden beds, screening, planting, and new turf. Sideway makeoverSideway makeover


2. Sideway makeover by @shayden06 


Narrow areas down the side of a house can be tricky to work with, but this combination of decking and garden beds came up a treat. It created a practical and attractive area for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.


3. Backyard makeover with new deck and planter boxes by @maknilsin 


With very limited space to work with and a modest budget, Workshop member Mark transformed a stark and unappealing garden into a stylish and functional space perfect for outdoor entertaining. 


4. Front yard garden bed screening by @suequarford 


Sue opted for Port Wine Magnolias when choosing a screening option for for her sunny front yard on the NSW South Coast. The end result looks fantastic.


5. Drainage to fix a muddy lawn by @Ben 


Fixing a muddy, unusable lawn required the installation of agi pipe in new drainage channels and returfing work. Rufaro's side yard transformationRufaro's side yard transformation


6. Side yard transformation by @diy_hausdesigns 


Rufaro made the most of his side walkway by installing new planter boxes with seating, paving, edging, new planting and garden lighting.   


7. Bluestone rounds to replace lawn by @Kate23 


Struggling to maintain a lawn without access to consistent sunlight, Workshop member Kate used Bluestone rounds and Dichondra to make her backyard more attractive.


8. Backyard makeover by @Ben 


Ben's backyard was dark and unappealing, and grass had little chance to grow. Removing trees, landscaping, planting and laying new turf produced an amazing transformation.


9. Garden makeover with new beds and planting by @Nikkaz 


Community member Nicole planted Lilly Pillies in garden beds along the fence line and installed new turf to refresh this backyard.Planting a new native hedge with Murraya by AdamPlanting a new native hedge with Murraya by Adam


10. Planting a new native hedge with Murraya by @Adam_W 


While transforming his property on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Adam planted a Murraya hedge and a row of Magnolias in his front garden. 


How to give your garden a makeover


Resident horticulturalist Adam's simple guide on How to give your garden a makeover can help in ensuring your garden makeover is a success.


You should also find our How to section very helpful, including the guides How to plan a garden makeoverHow to choose plants for your garden and How to keep your garden healthy while away.


More inspiration for your garden


Other great garden projects shared by Workshop community members include:EleventhCoastal's garden makeover with flexible steel garden edgingEleventhCoastal's garden makeover with flexible steel garden edging

For more inspiration, check out 5 ways to create a vertical garden and these clever Ideas to revamp your side yard.


Our collection of Top 10 most popular raised garden beds and Top 10 most popular planter box projects should also spark some creative ideas for your garden project.

Need more help with your garden?


We encourage you to start a new discussion in the Garden board on Workshop. We have lots of experienced gardeners sharing their knowledge, including Bunnings team members and qualified horticulturalists. We would be happy to help you with your garden project.



Last updated: October 2022


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