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Top 10 most popular side yard projects

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Projects Editor

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Turning your side yard into a stylish and functional area doesn’t need to be a tricky D.I.Y. project. You can add greenery to create inviting views, refresh your fence, add storage and more.


Bunnings Workshop members have shared many inspiring projects to transform the side of their home.


Here are the top 10 most popular side yard projects on Workshop by pageviews: Side yard transformationSide yard transformation


1. Sideway makeover by @shayden06  


Shane built a pathway using decking timber along the side of his sister’s house and used greenery to brighten the area.


2. Side yard transformation by @diy_hausdesigns  


While updating the side of his house, Rufaro installed new planter boxes with seating, paving, edging, new planting and garden lighting.


3. Small yard makeover with pavers and planter boxes by @marliemakesit 


Marlie used paving and thoughtful planting to turn an unused space along the side of her home into a garden oasis.


4. Side yard paving and bike shelter by @weekenddiyer  


Building a bike shelter and laying pavers created a more functional and attractive area in this side access project. Small yard makeover with pavers and planter boxesSmall yard makeover with pavers and planter boxes


5. Side access gate with pergola by @Allan72  


Turning a side entrance into a usable space, this project includes paving, screening, landscaping and building a pergola.


6. Backyard renovation with decks and boardwalk by @pete_brig   


As part of a huge garden renovation project, Pete used a combination of decking and planting to transform the side of his house.


7. Pergola for outdoor entertaining by @Shay 


Building a Jarrah pergola transformed a side yard into a stylish outdoor entertaining area. 


8. Side yard revamp with artificial grass by @homeinmelbourne 


Synthetic turf proved the best option (and the most dog-friendly) for an awkward space in this side yard. Side yard revamp with artificial grassSide yard revamp with artificial grass


9. Side access paving by @Yorky88  

Marty revamped the side of the house with charcoal-coloured paving and river pebbles for a stylish, low-maintenance area.


10. Side yard makeover with deck and retaining wall by @julzdiy 


A simple deck with retaining wall made this sloping side yard a space to entertain.


How to renovate your side yard

There are many ways to turn your side yard into a more functional and attractive area. The following guides by experienced renovator and horticulturalist Adam Woodhams (@Adam_W) may come in handy during your side yard renovation:


The Bunnings team has also shared many guides on transforming outdoor areas, including How to lay turf and How to spray paint a fence.


More inspiration for your side yard project

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Last updated: November 2023

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