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Side yard paving and bike shelter

Having an Impact
Having an Impact

Building a bike shelter and laying pavers created a more functional and attractive area in this side access project.





The project


The path down the side of our house needed some sprucing up.  We wanted to add a storage shelter for our bikes so we could have easier access to them rather than storing them in the garden shed where they were never used. 


I also wanted to allow space for the rubbish and recycling bins to try and keep them out of sight from the windows down the side of the house.


Before 2.jpg


We went with a charcoal paver from Bunnings, 600 x 300 x 40mm in size. If I had my time again, I would have spaced them out a little further to create a larger step between pavers.  I used treated Pine sleepers topped with a length of Merbau to tie into the decking we have in the backyard.


Laying Pavers 2.jpg


The pavers were laid directly onto the soil beneath as it was pretty solid. All the top soil was removed by machine when my builder levelled the yard, so it was down to clay.


I used a sand and cement mix and then placed the pavers on top of that and that holds them in place. The timber you can see in the photo was just two off cuts I used as spacers when laying the pavers for an even gap. Saved me measuring them each time. 


Laying Pavers.jpg


The bike shed has clear polycarbonate roofing behind the lattice to create shelter from the rain, along with a corrugated perspex roof. I hung the kids' bikes from a rail I strung between two rear posts to create better access using a bike hook.




I didn’t keep track of the budget, but it would have been about $1000–1500. The pavers were the most expensive at $400, but I could have done with less. The pebbles were around $200 from memory. I had to get top soil for the garden at probably the same cost. The bike shed materials were around $200. Pine sleepers wouldn’t have been more than $100. It’s a 25m stretch of garden space, so anything that length will always add up.


Before and after


Before 2.jpg




How to lay pavers


Workshop member weekenddiyer found this video helpful when laying pavers for this side yard. Learn how to lay pavers in an even, straight line with this step-by-step guide: How To Lay Pavers.



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Just Starting Out

@weekenddiyer this is fantastic makeover of your side yard. Well done! You have put a great looking pebble between pavers. Can you kindly  advise the size of the pebble used and if you bought this from Bunnings or any other place ?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @melloR. It's wonderful you've decided to join us and many thanks for your question on what pebbles were used.


Hopefully, @weekenddiyer can get back to us with the exact product they've used. Depending on the quantity needed, we have ANL 1T 20mm Western White Loose Pebble - Bulk Bag and ANL 1T 20mm Gold NSW Western Pebble - Bulk Bag available, which looks quite similar.


Do you have your own side access refresh in the works? If so, we'd love to follow along and encourage you to start a discussion about it. I'm sure there will be plenty of keen members who would be interested in seeing what you do.




Having an Impact

Thanks @melloR. If I was doing the project again I'd space out the pavers further, I tend to walk on every second one.

The Pebbles were from a local landscape supplier. From memory they were WHITE RIVER PEBBLES 20MM which can be seen here:

I did check out the ones at Bunnings which would have done the job.  But just due to the quantity I needed, rather than buy them by the bag I just got a bunch delivered by truck and the guys delivered it to my driveway.  Pretty sure Bunnings offers the same service mind you.  I just didn't want all those plastic bags :smile:

Good luck with your project.

Becoming a Leader


Thank you to all the folks who contributed to this subject of side yard  facelifts


I really enjoyed reading the assorted projects of how you all tidy up the sides of our homes.  I have been looking for ideas for my own home, where the sides of my home have become dumping grounds for all the things we don't want to toss, just in case.. OR what do I do with this?  its too good to toss out..


After all the months and months of rain the sides of my home/shed have not only become dumping areas for all the stuff that hasn't earned a place in the shed/workshop, but feels far too good to toss out...  AND THE WEEDS that seem to grow better than any plant I've nurtured...


After a few days of sunshine and the annual - local street clean up looming *(hence free rubbish disposal) I decided it was time to get rid of all the rubbish.  I advertised a few items on my local FB market place, some things went so fast. *(one mans trash is truly another's treasure) other stuff may take a little longer.   Feels so good getting it cleaned up.  


Now to start paving.  


Thank you everyone for all your input greatly appreciated.







Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Old-gal24


Just remember to keep us in the loop, I'm sure our members will be keen to see your paving project.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




Becoming a Leader


Yes will do..   

I just need to keep clearing and find some helpers as I have a few disabilities.  Hence things take me so long to get done..  The widest side of the house/shed  I've already paved a few years back.

I had to use up 8sqmts of pavers and the yard was real mess.  I don't feel my feet much.  I'm also a full time carer of an intellectually disabled who doesn't see depths, so I re-laid all the pavers from the original outdoor area and re-lay them in the yard after having a shed/workshop..  They were shocking to lay as they are the older bone shaped paver.


Then a few months ago I was blessed to come across 4 part pallets of second hand pavers super cheap.  Only had to collect them..   Things have been on hold with the massive amount of rain were been getting, but it's given me plenty of time to research and figure out which was I want to tackle this project.    I have far too many for the area, but figure I purchased them cheap and I can always sell or give away what I don't use.

Thanks again

This Old-gal

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