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Pergola for outdoor entertaining

Building a Reputation
Building a Reputation

This stunning Jarrah pergola transformed a side yard into a stylish outdoor entertaining area.





The project


I decided to give an arbour a crack in a bid to build a more enjoyable outdoor entertainment area.


At first I was going to get a metal gazebo built but my wife convinced me that an arbour would be better.


I started with a bunch of green cut Jarrah and proceeded to clean it all up using mostly Makita tooling purchased at my local Bunnings.








I jigsawed and chiselled out the slot notches and applied Cabot's New Timber Prep and Jarrah Aquadeck decking oil.




The main support posts are square 130mm x 130mm. I cemented them in approximately 800mm below the pavers, with approximately 2400mm above ground.




The rafters and the two horizontal beams Dynabolted bolted into the side of the house are all 200mm x 50mm. The rafters are 3200mm long and the horizontal beams roughly 3500mm long. 


Tip: measure and pre-drill before inserting so you don't have to physically hold heavy Jarrah beams in place while drilling pilot holes, etc.


My friendly neighbours helped me lift the beams into place.




The last of the cross-beams going up with help from neighbours (thanks boys!).




I installed some festoon lights as well to give it a special effect at night.


This is easily the biggest home handyman project I've ever attempted and I'm stoked with the results. It looks brilliant and the Jarrah decking oil has grown on me after early reservations. Now I just need to convince the wife to build a deck to really make this area come alive.


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Just Starting Out

Hi @Shay , Your pergola looks amazing and I wanted to build a similar one in my backyard. I am new to Australia and would like to know how much it costed to build this (only the materials cost) and if the same has to be done professionally how much it would be valued at?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community and Australia, @parthiban. It's amazing to have you join us, and great to see you've received some inspiration from this project.


Hopefully, @Shay can let us know an approximate cost. If you'd like to start your own discussion on your project, then I'd be happy to work out your material cost for the size pergola you'll be building. You might like to show us some rough sketches and provide dimensions as our members will undoubtedly have some great advice.


I look forward to hearing more about your project and offering assistance.




Building a Reputation

Hi @parthiban and @MitchellMc.


The pergola cost approx $3,500 to build, which I did all as DIY.


I did originally get a quote for an arbor to be professionally built by a landscaper and was quoted around $7,500 to build it out of pine. This was a bit above my price range so decided to do it myself with solid jarrah. 


I sourced the timber (100% solid jarrah) from a local supplier which cost about $2,000. This was 'green' rough sawn timber so a lot of work went into planing and sanding. Because the jarrah is quite heavy, I got my neighbour to help install the main beams into the house along with some of the cross-beam installs. Getting a hand was pretty crucial as beams weighed around 80kg each.  I paid my neighbour a couple hundred bucks for his time. The remainder of the costings (approx $1,000) were in cement for the supports, various high tensile mounting bolts, brackets, screws and aquadeck decking oil. I also bought myself a new jigsaw and chisel set which added a few hundred, along with 2 sets of 9m Festoon lights to complete the look. 


So, all in all, I reckon somewhere in the region of 3-4k to build mine. Its dimensions are approx 7m x 3.5m. It consists of 13 arbour beams, 3 support's and two flat beams mounted into the side of the house. I have more complete photos available and will try and post some up for you. It's looking amazing now that my grapes are now growing (and producing) over the beams.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Many thanks for the update @Shay. As you can see by the page view count, your handiwork has been very popular with community members. 


Looking forward to seeing what you tackle next. 




Home Improvement Guru

Evening @Shay 

That is a nice arbor! Seriously love how solid it is and much respect for the notching :smile: Mine are never as neat as yours lol. How is it holding up a year afterwards?



Building a Reputation

Hi @Dave-1 ,


Thanks for the feedback. Trust me, some off the joinery is s little rough, but for the most part its sitting really nice now is all settled in. We've recently had an upgrade to our pavers in this area as well as a pool install so the back yard/arbor is getting a lot of action at the moment (well, when the rain goes away anyway..). The grapes on the arbor are also up to the top beams so summer will be amazing under it in hoping. Some pics attached. Aquadeck oil has been great but does need an annual reapplication. On the plus side it's an easy half day job and brings out all back looking pristine. 







Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hello @Shay 


Thank you so much for posting those photo updates. The new pavers and swimming pool look awesome! I can't wait to see some grapes on those vines when it comes into season.




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