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Outdoor kitchen using Kaboodle cabinets

Getting Established
Getting Established


Kaboodle cabinets with a built-in sink and tap installed next to an undercover barbecue.




The project


I planned a free-standing barbecue in between series of Kaboodle cupboards, leaving the appropriate air gap.


BBQ Area.jpg


Kaboodle cupboards and raw doors installed and levelled.




Here you can see the exposed chipboard edges filled in and sealed with silicone.




Raw doors and kickboards were painted with an exterior semi-gloss enamel paint. Even though this area is under cover, the paint used will provided protection against the elements. The exterior of my house is painted with this paint and the house has full exposure to the elements.


The cupboard panels next to the barbecue are lined with fibro cement sheeting. With the design of the barbecue and the gaps, I have 100mm clearance from the heat source and the cupboards.




The benchtop is custom-made timber I had from a Spotted Gum tree that was removed from my property. I had the timber milled and used around the house.




The sink is actually an ice bin with a lid. So, for parties I fill the sink with ice and place drinks inside.




Kind of a Big Deal

Absolutely SENSATIONAL !!! @RayaJane 😃

Kind of a Big Deal

@RayaJane Great  job of the outdoor kitchen Hope you spend many relaxing hours there.

Home Improvement Guru

Afternoon @RayaJane 

Now why would you go back into the house when you have an area like that! :smile: That looks pretty swish. Love the use of the sink idea.

I also like how you used the cement panels next to the BBQ. Nice idea, its something I have been thinking of for my new area as well.



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