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New Contributor
7 replies
February 2018

If you dug the sheep manure in with the root stock, you may have over-fertilised and effectively "poisoned" the plant. A friend recently added Dynamic ...

Valued Contributor
17 replies

Hi all, been a busy week or so getting this garden 'built'. It'll be a work in progress as I add lower plantings but for now... Murraya hedge about ...

Budding Contributor
7 replies
January 2019

First real season with it Growing:StrawberriesTomatoesCornLettuceCapsicumWatermelonRockmelonCucumber Can't wait to start picking......hopefully !!

New Contributor
4 replies
September 2019

Brilliant! Just what I need to do for cockatoos, wombats, etc. If you don't mind sharing, do you have a rough idea of the space between uprights that ...

Budding Contributor
20 replies

Family project near garden shed to go !

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
8 replies
January 2019

Fantastic project @mandy111s111. Many thanks for sharing. What vegies do you have growing this summer? Jason

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