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One large bathroom or two small ones?

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One large bathroom or two small ones?

Hi everyone,


Just interested in people's thoughts. Would you prefer one large bathroom in a house or two small ones? I suspect for resale value two is always going to be preferable.


Thanks, Vicky

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Re: One large bathroom or two small ones?

Definitely two for resale! Modern bathroom designs don't need a huge amount of space if you are clever about your configuration. The best way to get around the space issue is to include a shower-only (unless you need a bath for kids etc).


A lot of my renovation plans have been inspired by looking on real estate websites to see what other people have done in their room layouts. If you have a small space, then check out new apartment developments who need to be smart when it comes to space :smile: 



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Re: One large bathroom or two small ones?

We have two bathrooms, but the real winner is a separate toilet with additional powder room. For entertaining it's a must.


How about one medium sized bathroom, with an additional toilet/powder room?


An important question to ask is how often you will have guests staying over, how often are you entertaining, or if you have young children living in the house.


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