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Using timber leveler

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Using timber leveler

Hey guys,


I have a laundry that disgusts me and I simply want to neaten it up by laying some flooring that matches the timber flooring I already have throughout my house. I want to make the laundry feel more like it was always part of the house and less 'tacked on' from yesteryear.


The problems I face are:


The floor is nowhere near level it slopes to the outside of the house (the sliding door in the photos is the INSIDE of the house). The slop is not uniform.


The laundry is wall to wall asbestos and I want to avoid disturbing it, and any that may be under the laminate flooring.


My solution:


Since my budget is low, I simply want to use Timber Floor Leveller straight onto the laminate to level out the floor and then some adhesive flooring straight over the top. Where the floor slopes further than the 12mm limit of the floor leveller product, I was thinking I could pack it up with cement sheet or yellow tongue, glued and or screwed straight over the top of the current laminate (so as not to disturb anything) and then the floor leveller would go over that, giving me my level surface to put my new matching laminate over.


My questions are:


Will this work? 😂

If not, does anyone have an idea that avoids ripping up the floor and will get it level enough to drop a roll of laminate on it?

Any tips or help very much welcome! Even your experiences with the floor levellerview from backdoorview from backdoorview from connecting doorview from connecting dooran idea of the slopean idea of the slopeUpside down - 35mm slope over 1.2 metresUpside down - 35mm slope over 1.2 metres

product would be handy.


Room size is 1700 x 3700mm

Timber Floor Leveler product







Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Using timber leveler

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @ashlops. It's amazing that you've joined us, and many thanks for your question.


I've done a bit of researching and found what I believe to be the best product for your application. I presume with the added 600mm or so until the wall, the depth will be more like 45mm instead of the 35mm you've measured. Sikafloor Level Ultra can be laid in a single application of up to 50mm thick, and if you clean the vinyl, then Sikafloor 14 Prep 'N' Prime will bond to it. You'd apply the primer first, and the self-leveller would go over that.


Both of these products are available from Sika through our Special Orders desk at your local store.


Please let me know if you have questions.




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