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Easy D.I.Y. wall hanging

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Experienced Contributor

This creative wall hanging with a painted mountaintop design is easy to make with these step-by-step instructions.



macrame wall hanging.png


The project


I love changing things up in my home and wall art can be a little expensive, so a D.I.Y. wall hanging was in order. Here's how you can create this easy wall hanging in your home.


Start by deciding what size you’d like your wall hanging to be and cut the dowel to length. The most time-consuming part is cutting all your cords. My wall art sits at 104cm x 104cm so I cut every length of cord exactly double at 208cm.




Once you have cut all your cords to your desired length, it’s time to hot glue it. Keep the cords close together while glueing. This will make the mountain design clearer. Fold each cord in half and glue as shown.




It should look like this when completed.




Place your hanging on a flat surface. I clamped mine to an old piece of ply to keep it straight and upright. Straighten the cords and tape the bottom flat. 

It’s now time for the mountain design. Use your tape to create the mountaintops in any shape you like.






Time for the fun part! Grab your spray bottle and add water and spray the cords. In another bottle, add water and diluted white and black paint. The first mountain tops will be lighter so add more white and a touch of black. Spray the first layer. Add a little more black and repeat the process.



The tape can be removed once complete. I removed the horizontal tape when I was spraying the bottom section. After it was sprayed, I removed all the tape and sprayed water in-between the layers to allow the above paint to bleed down as it does leave a clean line where the tape was.


Allow to dry and trim the bottom straight. I hung it on my clothes line and it was dry after an hour. To get a nice straight bottom, I hung it up and taped the bottom straight and then cut it.




Hang and enjoy!






For this project you’ll need:


  • 3mm macrame cord


  • Half-rounded dowel


  • Acrylic paints in black and white


  • Hot glue gun


  • Scissors


  • Spray bottles


  • Painter's masking tape. 


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That looks fantastic!  A very oriental effect!  You should be really proud of the result. 

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