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Front yard sprinkler system

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Automatic sprinklers were installed to make it easy to maintain a healthy green lawn even during the hottest summer weather. 





The project


My front yard only has one impact sprinkler and four semi-permanent sprinklers. It really needs at least two impact sprinklers.


I finally got around to installing an extra front sprinkler. I also replaced the old one that had a rusted thread where the sprinkler screws and was leaking underground.


The job took one hour with 19mm poly pipe, hose clamps, a T-piece with a female 15mm connector, 19mm elbow with a female 15mm connector and 1200mm risers with 15mm joiner connectors.


Hopefully I can see improvement in my front lawn.









Old sprinkler.




New sprinkler joined to old pipework.




String to make sure both sprinklers are aligned.














My garden bores are still running but I reprogrammed the timer on it so that I'm home when it switches on. This means that I can keep an eye on the output. I use the HPM 7 Day Digital Timer and have nothing but good things to say about it. Easy to program and override, and even has a setting for daylight savings.


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Well done @Prawns . Great to see you have taken the trouble to upgrade. Hopefully you'll get the improvement your after. I have to say that my wife would never let me get away with having sprinklers on risers like this in my front lawn :(.


Might be too late for you in this instance but if I was going to do this I would use a pop-up sprinkler version of the same sprinkler to do this - would look better and no problems with mowing around it or them being damaged. This particular sprinkler I would recommend (Rainbird Maxi-Paw) has a side inlet as well which makes it easier to install. 


Good gardening. 

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