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Twin dog bowl food and water station

Becoming a Leader
Becoming a Leader

This raised food and water station keeps dog bowls tidy and in place.



dog bowl stand.png


The project


Pet food bowls can look untidy when sitting on the floor. I decided to make a dedicated dog bowl food and water station for our dog Repo. I browsed online for pictures and ideas and settled on something reasonably basic.

I started out by glueing two Pine boards together lengthways to create a single board wide enough for the top to house the stainless steel bowls that I bought.

Doggy Bowls 1.jpg


I sanded the board through the grits finishing with 240-grit for a nice smooth finish.

Doggy Bowls 2.jpg


Then using a home-made circle cutting jig attached to the base of the router, I cut out the holes that the bowls would eventually sit in. I traced the outer circle with a pencil and then measured the rim of the bowl to calculate the cut-out size.

Doggy Bowls 3.jpg


I didn't have a plan. I was just plodding along with the end result in my mind.

Doggy Bowls 4.jpg


I screwed and glued a framework under the top so I could secure Match Pine panelling to the body of the unit.

Doggy Bowls 5.jpg


I made the sides and ends with bracing and base panels to lock it all together and add strength.

Doggy Bowls 6.jpg


A test fit of the front and back together with the top. Taking the final measurements for the ends.

Doggy Bowls 7.jpg


Then glueing, brad nailing and clamping it all together. No mitred joints ends just butting up against the sides.

Doggy Bowls 8.jpg


I had a range of moulding I had sourced from a woodwork shop closure and experimented to find which I thought looked best.

Doggy Bowls 11.jpg


I rubbed in Mahogany stain and then cut the moulding with mitred ends.

Doggy Bowls 12.jpg


Mouldings attached and stained. I botched up the filling and sanding of the nail holes in the mouldings and this reacted badly to the stain, but went ahead anyway. Having a peak of how it will look with the bowls inserted.

Doggy Bowls 13.jpg


First coat of Minwax Wipe-On Poly after rubbing back with 0000 steel wool. I applied three coats for a great finish.

Doggy Bowls 14.jpg


How to make a dog feeding station


This D.I.Y. feeding station will keep pet food and water neat and tidy and can slide away when it's not in use.




More project inspiration


Workshop member WoodenGregsWood created this raised dog bowl stand to prevents dogs from tipping food or water over.




Workshop member kbcreations created this timber stand to raise the bowl for their large dog.


kbcreations dog food stand.png


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