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Citrus Tree issues

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Citrus Tree issues






I have just moved to a new property and my citrus trees aren't looking great (lemon, lime, mandarin) 


The lemons have black spotting on them and the leaves have alot of holes and are curled slightly in some areas. Some advice from the lady at Bunnings was potentially caterpillar or leaf curl. 


Had a quick look on the underside of the leaves and couldn't see any insects. 


Any idea of what it is And what to do about it? I need to be careful with what I use as I have a dog. 

Wasn't sure if it was snails? Haven't seen many around but it is very hot and dry currently





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Community Manager

Re: Citrus Tree issues

Hi @jc88,


Welcome to Workshop and apologies for the slow reply. 


Sorry to see you are having trouble with your citrus plants but I'm sure helpful members like our amazing @Noelle can provide you with some helpful advice to assist them to flourish again. Many thanks for the photos. You might also like to clarify where you are based, what kind of soil you have and how much you have been watering the plants in these dry conditions. 






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Re: Citrus Tree issues

Hi @jc88 

As Jason has previously said, we would be in a better position to be able to help you with your citrus problems if we have more info, such as:

  • your location (town or suburb and state)
  • what the soil is like
  • what type of fertiliser and how often
  • watering regime (how much/little and how often)
  • are trees growing in garden beds with plants right up to trunks
  • recent major weather events (for example, hail - one of the photos looks like mechanical damage of some sort to leaves & fruit)

If you could reply with as much detail as possible, it would greatly assist us 😀




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