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How to make bees abandon their nest without killing them?

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How to make bees abandon their nest without killing them?

Hi, all

I just found bees nesting underneath my shed in front garden, they enter and exit from a breaking hole of one of the wooden base. I’ve tried a few things like essential oil, mosquito repellent spray, even put rosemary on the hole, all failed, they don’t mind any of the things above. Now I can’t let my child and dog play in the frond yard. I could use wood board to block the hole, but I don’t want to kill them, that is my last choice if nothing else works. Even I block the hole without any gap, what if there are other holes behind the shed which are not easy to get accessed as it is so closed to the fence, no room to get in. 
Any suggestions would be appreciated if you’ve got the same experience. 

Thank you.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to make bees abandon their nest without killing them

Hi @cc1002,


I'd suggest contacting either some beekeepers in your local area or a professional to re-locate the bees. If the hive can be accessed, many beekeepers will come and collect it. If it's in an inaccessible location, then you might need to have a professional come in to offer suggestions on the removal.




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